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Here at Historic Trinity, we believe that missions is a vital part of congregational life.  We define missions as the evangelistic ministry within each disciples personal faith journey that brings them into relationship with diverse persons for the purposes of sharing Christ love with our neighbors and friends. 

Further, we believe that missions is not unique to solely international or domestic travel experiences that provide service and witnessing opportunities, but do acknowledge that these types of excursions when properly facilitated can be transformation experiences for both host and missionaries.  Rather, we believe missions can occur in any place Christians find themselves such as on one's job, in classrooms, at the game, and grocery stores where love is shown through intentional actions that demonstrate Christ love.

Purpose of Our Missions Work


Our mission is to empower individuals to be agents of Christ love in their communities and the world through personal/corporate devotions and service opportunities that enable individuals to preach the gospel through their lives in meaningful encounters with diverse groups of people.  In order to achieve this objective we have adopted a threefold approach to Christian missions:

  1. Encourage individuals to share their testimonies with others in their small groups or ministry settings.  Testimonies are the narrative accounts whether written or oral about how God is active in the life of the individual providing the testimony, sometimes referred to as "testifying."  Some testimonies to the form of what we call “praise reports” highlighting positive encounters with God that enable us to experience moments of joy and happiness; or as prayer requests that speak to the present realities that an individual, family, or collection of individuals find themselves.

  2. Equip individuals to tell others outside of the church how they have experienced God in their lives.   Our responsibility as believers is not attempt to save people, (we'd fail anyway because only Jesus can do that), but to be the change we want to see in our communities and share that good news with others and invite them to participate in our homes, neighborhoods, and on our jobs.

  3. ​Engage in works of grace and mercy through acts of community service both domestically and abroad.   Missions and service are opportunities can be found on our website or in the church’s weekly bulletin.

International Missions


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Local Missions

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