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On behalf of the members, family, and friends of the Trinity AME Church, we would like to take this time to greet you and extend an invitation to you and your family to join us at Historic Trinity.  As a community, we strive to be embody the teachings of Jesus Christ by being globally conscience and locally engaged in the lives of the members of our community and the communities where we fill called to serve. 

Our goal is to be a place where all people regardless of race, color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation connect with God, engage in ministries of service that strengthen our bonds with all members of the human family, and collectively discern how God desires for us to live in relationship with both God and those whom we are called to be in relationship. 


If you are new to Manning or Clarendon County area andare in the process of looking for a church home, prayerfully consider making Trinity AME Church your spiritual residence because at Historic Trinity we believe "God Our Father, Christ Our Redeemer, Holy Spirit Our Comforter, and Humankind Our Family" that manifests itself in vibrant worship experiences, substantive community engagement, and love for our neighbors. 

Be blessed and we’ll see you soon at Historic Trinity.

Yours In Christian Service,

Usher Ministry


worship service

Q:  What time does worship service start?

A: Worship service starts at 10:00AM.

Q: How long does the worship service normally last?

A: Worship services normally 1 hour and 15 minutes except for on the first Sunday of each month when we celebrate The Lord's Supper.

Q:   What is the attire for worship?

A:   Clothes.  All persons are welcome to come as they are and we REALLY mean this.  Some members where suits and ties, while others are more comfortable with khakis/jeans and a polo or oxford.  All we ask is that you have on clothes and they make you feel comfortable.

Q: What are the components of worship service at Historic Trinity?

A: Coming Soon...

Spiritual formation opportunities

Q: Do you have Sunday School?

A: Yes.  Sunday School at Historic Trinity is part of the comprehensive program of spiritual formation that we offer to members of both the congregation and the community which includes but is not limited to bible   studies, youth groups, collegiate campus ministries, and prayer circles.  

Q: What time does Sunday School start?

A: Sunday School starts at 8:30AM and last approximately 1 hour.

Q: What are small of the topics Sunday School classes are discussing?

A: Coming Soon...

Sacraments in our church

Q: How does Historic Trinity celebrate The Lord's Supper?

A: Trinity AME Church uses The Lord's Supper Liturgy found in the African Methodist Episcopal Church Hymnal on page #798. This ritual consist of a read congregational General Confession, several prayers read by members of our pastoral team, and sharing of communion elements (a wafer and grape juice).


During the sharing of the elements, our ushers and stewardesses will direct the congregation beginning in the rear to the chancel rail.  Person will be invited to kneel as they are physically able and extend their hands.  A member of the pastoral team will then place a wafer in your hand, symbolizing the body of Jesus Christ that is broken for all of God's children.  Once all persons at chancel have receive and eaten the wafer, the pastoral team will next place an individual disposable communion cup containing grape juice in your hands and invite you to drink the cup of juice which symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed for all God's children.


After this, Pastor Grate or the chief celebrant (member of the pastoral team overseeing the ritual) will invite you to follow the direction of the ushers as you return to your seat and other persons receive the elements of communion.  Once the entire congregation has had an opportunity to be served, we say The Lord's Prayer together and sing a fellowship hymn which reminds us that having renewed our covenants with Almighty God, we, the children of God, are called to live in love and charity with our neighbors which we define as the entire human family regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation and be stewards over all that God has entrusted to our care.

Q:Who is eligible to participate in The Lord's Supper? 

A: In the African Methodist Episcopal Church, we practice what is referred to as an open table.  This means all baptized Christians regardless of age or denominational affiliations are open to participate.  No member of the pastoral team at Historic Trinity will ever deny a person the elements because we believe the sacrament of The Lord's Supper is a means by which God conveys grace to all person who partake and we the members of Historic Trinity AME Church are not qualified to determine who is or is not eligible for God's grace.


Additionally, for person who did not grow up Methodist, you might find it strange that we allow children and toddler who are baptized members of our community to partake in the Lord's Supper.  The reason we allow the children to participate is because: (1.) as baptized members of our church they have the right and (2.) by partaking in the sharing of elements they learn the significance of their baptism and what is required in their Christian walks as they continue to mature.


For visitors on a first Sunday, if you do not want your children to participate in this element of the worship experience because you are uncomfortable with this practice, we would still like  to invite you to bring your children with you to the chancel and just tell the member(s) of our team distributing the elements not to serve your children and instead we will offer a blessing. 


(Please Note: The reason our congregation would like you to bring your children to come to the altar is because they will learn from watching you partake of the ritual and it allows the children to feel more include in congregational life than if they remain in the pews.)

Q: When are baptisms performed and how do I find out more information about baptismal counseling and classes?

A: Baptisms are schedule in consultation with Pastor Grate following the completion of baptismal counseling with a member of our pastoral team.  Additionally, the best way to learn more about baptismal counseling is to speak with a member our pastoral team.  Members of our team are normally available in the narthex, fellowship, or a the front of the chancel immediately following the worship experience. 


(Please Note: No person will be baptized without having properly completed baptismal counseling.  Parents of children and infants are required to attend baptismal counseling prior to baptism of the minor.  For more information regarding this policy please contact Pastor Grate.)

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